Over 15 years committed to sustainability and respect for the environment...

At Bodegas Francisco Gómez we produce all our wines under the strict rules of organic and biodynamic agriculture. All our wines and oils are certified by the European Union as organic, vegan and kosher.

We do not use chemicals, toxins, pesticides or other genetically modified products in our field work and production. In this way we conserve the fertility of the soil and respect the environment. In addition, we develop prevention methods for any type of pest or other diseases of vines and olive trees. These systems increase resistance to external agents that can alter the natural development cycle of grapes and olives.



This crop is characterised by the responsible use of natural resources. Biodynamic agriculture aims to establish a harmonious relationship between man and the earth. This is the only way to ensure that the fruits obtained are healthy for both animals and humans.

Within this practice, earth, plants, animals and man are considered to form a single element. They are connected to each other and are influenced by natural forces, such as the sun and the moon. The linking of this influence of the cosmos on the soil is linked to biodynamic methods.

Biodynamic agriculture uses eight biodynamic preparations to energise and enhance crops and improve compost. For field spraying we use one of these preparations. Its effects stimulate soil fertility forces, plant maturation and nutrition. In this group would be the 500 and 501, which are complementary.

We make our own compost from all the waste we reuse from the farm. These include pruning waste, olive pomace and grape pomace. To this compost we add these preparations made from yarrow, chamomile, nettle, oak bark, dandelion and valerian. This mixture activates the compost to increase the microbial load and improve the soil.




In recent decades, interest in vegetarian diets has experienced a remarkable growth in all developed countries. This interest has been mainly due to the health benefits. But it is also a consequence of the food scandals caused by intensive livestock farming.

Consumers often find it difficult to know whether a product is free of animal ingredients. This is especially true when it comes to processed foods.

For this reason, at Bodegas Francisco Gómez we offer a clear and quick way to identify vegan products. At a glance and through the use of a certification seal. Being endorsed by a vegetarian association, we guarantee the consumer that the product meets vegan criteria.

Vegan products are those that are 100% plant-based and free of any additives of animal origin. They do not contain animal fats, shortenings, fish oils or other similar fats, either as an ingredient or for handling. Also excluded from the vegan category are eggs, dairy and bee products such as honey and royal jelly.

At Bodegas Francisco Gómez we also guarantee that there is no cross-contamination during the winemaking process. We provide the competent body with a detailed list of the ingredients we use in the production of our wines and oils. Genetically modified organisms will never be found in this comprehensive list. Those we do use include, for example, vegetable gelatines made from peas, tartaric acid or bentonite, which is a very fine-grained clay. These ingredients replace the traditional animal fats or egg whites included in the winemaking process.


Thus, any change in the composition of the product is communicated immediately. The European Competent Body re-examines the product for compliance with the vegan criteria.

Here you can consult the technical data sheets of the vegetable products used in the preparation.

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