Extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality...

Alicante has been a producer and exporter of this precious liquid gold since the time of the Phoenicians. The Arabs already used the fruit of the olive and its juice for domestic, cosmetic and offering purposes. At Bodegas Francisco Gómez we continue this ancestral legacy; we want to show the world the culture of our land and its history.

Our olives, of the arbequina, picual, grosal, chiquita and cornicabra varieties, come from our own 300 hectares of cultivation. Our private oil press has a capacity of one million kilos, and we produce exclusively extra virgin olive oil. Here we bottle all our production and launch it both nationally and internationally.

In our estate we have centenary olive trees, and in the highest part, millenary olive trees from which the farga variety is obtained. With its olives we make our most expressive extra virgin olive oil: King of Kings.

En nuestra finca tenemos olivos centenarios, y en la parte más alta, olivos milenarios de los que se obtiene la variedad farga. Con su aceituna elaboramos nuestro aceite de oliva virgen extra de mayor expresividad: King of Kings.

We start the harvesting campaign of our gourmet oils in the pre-summer period with the arbequina variety. At this stage, the olives are not yet ripe, and the yield is very low. However, their organoleptic properties remain intact, and their flavour is more intense. Then we continue with the rest of the varieties.

It takes less than 24 hours from the time the olives are harvested until the juice is extracted. They are harvested green, using natural production processes and a cold extraction system. In this way, and with the care taken throughout the process, we obtain oils with an extraordinary appearance, aroma and flavour.

All our work is carried out using organic and biodynamic cultivation techniques. This has enabled us to obtain organic, vegan and kosher certification for all our EVOOs.

The kosher certification is the result of the implementation of a programme developed jointly with the Rabbinate of Madrid.  This programme covers all aspects of food production, from ingredients to equipment. The Rabbinate has authorised Bodegas Francisco Gómez to stamp its products with the KOSHER PARVE seal. And this stamp certifies them as food fit for consumption according to the guidelines of the Jewish religion.

Todo el trabajo lo realizamos aplicando técnicas de cultivo orgánico y biodinámico. Esto nos ha permitido obtener la certificación ecológica, vegana y kosher en todos nuestros AOVE.

La certificación kosher obedece a la puesta en marcha de un programa desarrollado conjuntamente con el Rabinato de Madrid.  Este programa cubre todos los aspectos de la producción alimenticia, desde los ingredientes hasta el equipamiento. El Rabinato ha autorizado a Bodegas Francisco Gómez a estampar en sus productos el sello de KOSHER PARVE. Y esta estampilla los acredita como alimentos aptos para el consumo según las directrices de la religión judía.

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