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Bodegas Francisco Gomez feels the launching of its first sparkling wines like the mother who sweetly waits for the birth of her baby. 

We develop the brand "QUEEN OF KINGS" following the traditional process. With this brand, we pay tribute to the Monastrell grape. Of course, the queen of the varieties that are worked in this region. Furthermore, we can not forget our personal tribute to dynamic, full of character and feminine women who work en this world considered a "men's job".


A subtle range in which each wine displays its own individual character. Author’s wines with the essence of the nature; in a blend with our culture, distilled into a glass of good wine.
According with the wine-producer: “FG COLLECTION, hand-crafted wines that are my most valued treasure”.

The vines of Francisco Gómez are grown according to environmentally-friendly and sustainable methods, following the strict requirements set down by Organic Vine-Growing.
Over the years we have carefully brought together the time-honoured, local methods and the most modern technological techniques, establishing a unique way of working.
And so, from our love to work under the rules of that farming, our dear collection “AMARAE” is born.

We are inextricably linked with the land and the fruit it bears. We lavish love and care on our plants and this outstanding land, which in return offers us the highest quality fruit following the rules of the Biodynamic Farming (“Demeter” certified).
The brand “VID-A” represents the joining of the passion we feel working the land and the marvelous cycle of life that develops every day; from vines to the last wines, following with this ancestral way of work: the lunar calendar.

In ancient times, viticulture was practised here by Iberians, Celts and Romans, followed by the Moors, who developed it so successfully that the area was to become suppliers of wine to the court of the Castilian crown, which introduced wine, including the famous Fondillón of Alicante, to the New World.
Definitely, it was a very brilliant period for the Catholic Monarchs, with great reconquests and discoveries. “MARQUES DE VILLENA” was a very famous man of an important Noble Family in that period. He was a man surrounded of controversy, especially with the Queen Isabella I, who stripped to him of the capital of his lands: Villena, the place where our winery is located.



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