The vines and olives trees of Francisco Gómez are grown according to environmentally-friendly and stainable methods, following the strict requirements set down by organic vine-growing. So that’s why we produce Unique Organic Wines and Extra Virgin Olive Oils. All of them are certified by the European Union.
They are produced with no chemical product and no pesticide, following the same rules when the grapes and the olive are introduced on the winery and the olive mill. In this way, we conserve the fertility of the ground and respecting the environment. Besides this, we develop prevention methods in front of any plague or plant disease, increasing the natural resist of the vineyard and olive trees.

We produce wines and olive oils certified Demeter following the rules of the biodynamic farming. This kind of agriculture continues the traditional approach of the organic farming. So, we do not use chemical products and toxic pesticides.
We keep harmony of our ground thanks to the interrelation of the plants and animals like one of the parts of the development in our estate “ La Serrata”. We control the growth process, the fruit, collecting and processing a planting calendar based on lunar cycles in total connection with the planets and nature.

Bodegas FG is aware of the importance to produce Vegan wines and olive oils for vegetarian and vegan people. Is very difficult for consumers to find products free of ingredients of animal origin, specially with the processed foods.
V-label (European certification) helps us to difference vegan products. So, all of our wines and olive oils are 100% vegetal, produced with no additive of animal origin, using bentonites or of plant origin gelatins.

Kosher certification is the result of the program that Bodegas FG started with the Rabbinate of Madrid. This program includes all the steps required to produce Kosher Olive Oils: ingredients or the equipment used for the production. Obviously, we have to comply with the Kosher requirements.
After that, the Rabbinate gave the Kosher certification to Bodegas FG that gives the safety the consumer that our Olive Oils comply with the Kosher requirements, being suitable for the consumption according with the rules of the Jewish Religion.


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